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Discover the show’s innovative exhibitors in advance

Asia’s influential platform for the digital and screen printing industry will open its door later this month. Plan your visit to the Shanghai edition of DS Printech China, and find out what our exhibitors will be featuring.
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Digital printing equipment exhibitor highlights   
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Screen printing equipment exhibitor highlights
Screen printing equipment exhibitor highlights
Multiple exhibitors in this field are set to showcase their products at this year’s show, with several key players featured below.
JUiST Screen Printing Machinery (China) (Booth: E4-C01)
JUiST specialises in flat screen printing machinery and auxiliary equipment, applied to paper, PCB, electronics, glass, tobacco and wine packaging, and advertisements. The company provides high-quality, customised products and services for their customers.

Product highlights: fully-automatic glass screen printing machine, fully-automatic subsurface multicolour screen printing machine, roll-to-roll, (CCD) alignment precision, large advertising, semi-auto, with peripheral auxiliary equipment.
Website: http://www.juistmac.com/en/
Kinzel Printing Systems GmbH (Germany) (Booth: E4-D16-1)
Kinzel Printing Systems GmbH (Germany) (Booth: E4-D16-1)
The renowned manufacturer of high quality printing machinery develops innovative solutions of roll-to-roll and digital printing systems. It offers a wide range of machines such as laminators, die cutters, hot embossing, longitudinal and cross cutter, squeegee grinders, screen coating, hot transfer presses and more.

Product highlights: laminators, die cutters and hot embossing, longitudinal and cross cutter machines, squeegee grinders, screen coating machines, hot transfer presses, etc.
Website: https://www.kinzel-ps.de/en/
TAOXING Printing Machinery
TAOXING Printing Machinery (China) (Booth: E4-C20)
Specialising in screen printing machines, TAOXING is the only integrated enterprise in East China. The company is engaged in R&D, manufacturing, and sales, with products widely used for packaging, advertising, ceramic decal, rubber decal, circuit boards, thin-film switch, glasswork, plastic, and more.

Product highlights: machines and equipment for screen printing, post-press/pre-press, UV LED curing, powder coating, heat press, binding, and laminating.
Website: https://www.cooprinter.com/ OR https://www.tx-uv.com/
Screen printing material exhibitor highlights
Screen printing material exhibitor highlights
In Shanghai, a range of screen printing material suppliers will form a key part of the comprehensive industry platform.
Carpoly Chemical Group
Carpoly Chemical Group (China) (Booth: E4-F10)
A leading brand in the ink industry, Carpoly Ink has been advancing the development of environmentally friendly, high-performance inks. The company has developed over 100 series of nearly 1,000 varieties of screen-printing ink, widely used in various industries, with its unique, benzene-free "environmentally friendly and low odour" ink a more sustainable highlight.

Product highlights: plastic ink, glass ink, UV ink, and water-based ink.
Website: https://en.carpoly.com/
Dongguan Qiansebian New Material
Dongguan Qiansebian New Material (China) (Booth: E5-J20)
Qiansebian owns three subsidiaries in China which apply advanced technologies from the US and Korea, to produce microcapsule and ink coating products. To comply with export standards, its products are certified by SGS EN71-3, F963 and more, and for the production of food-grade materials.

Product highlights: various pigments including temperature-sensitive colour-changing, light-sensitive colour-changing, chameleon, UV fluorescent, as well as hydrochromic inks
Website: http://www.qiansebian.com/en/index-740601.html
Saati Technical Fabric (Tianjin) Co Ltd (Italian headquarter SAATI S.p.A.)
Saati Technical Fabric (Tianjin) Co Ltd (Italian headquarter SAATI S.p.A.) (Booth: E5-M24)
SAATI plays a key role supplying high technical fabrics for the electronics, solar cell, touch panel market and medical sector sensors for self-diagnosis. The company continues to innovate and uses innovative fibres with new generation production systems.

Website: www.saati.com
Digital printing equipment exhibitor highlights
Digital printing equipment exhibitor highlights
Guangzhou FourStar Electronic Technology
Guangzhou FourStar Electronic Technology (China) (Booth: E4-B01)
FourStar is a professional one-stop apparel printing solutions provider. With quality management a key feature of the company’s offering, it additionally provides complete guidance to customers in terms of equipment operation, software design, process knowledge, colour adjustment, management processes, and more, to assist them in quickly generating benefits.

Product highlights: elliptical digital printing machines, white ink direct injection machines, and white ink hot stamping printers.
Website: https://gzfourstar.en.alibaba.com/
Guangzhou Xin Flying Digital Technology
Guangzhou Xin Flying Digital Technology (China) (Booth: E4-A02)
Now a leader in its field, Xin Flying is a high-tech enterprise that offers full-service digital printing equipment and consumables, with products renowned for their exceptional quality. The company has established strong partnerships with clients and brand agents from over 80 countries and regions.

Product highlights: DTF printer equipped with Epson I1600 printer heads; three-head eight-colour DTF printer; DTF printer equipped with five Epson I3200-A1 printheads; UV DTF printer; 15 heads sublimation printing machines, equipped with 15 Epson I3200-A1 print heads.
Website: https://xinflyinggroup.com/
Shanghai Mimaki Trading Co Ltd (Japanese headquarter Mimaki Engineering Co Ltd)
Shanghai Mimaki Trading Co Ltd (Japanese headquarter Mimaki Engineering Co Ltd) (Booth: E5-P14)
Mimaki offers wide-format industrial inkjet printers and versatile inkjet printers including roll, print & cut and flatbad.

Product highlights: Inkjet Printer
Website: https://mimaki.com/product/
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Date & Opening hours: 21 – 22 November 2023 09:00 - 17:30
23 November 2023 09:00 – 16:00
Venue: Halls E4 – E5, Shanghai New International Expo Centre, China
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We would like to kindly remind all fairgoers that the most reliable way to advertise your company at DS Printech China is via our official communication channels. Other companies claiming to offer advertising services may be a scam, and it’s important to verify the legitimacy of any company before doing business with them. If you have any concerns regarding this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.