The PLSG Live and Online platform brings the Match2Meet business matching and appointment making services. The services provide a bilingual and multi-device platform for suppliers and global buyers to get connected without boundaries!

Activate Match2Meet service now to get connect with the industry!
Features at a glance    
Invite buyers for meetings (New!)
The system will recommend buyers based on your matching information for scheduling one-to-one onsite and online meetings. It will also recommend you to matched buyers.

  AI recommendation (New!)
You can search for potential buyers with the matching score calculated according to your matching information.
Arrange video meetings
One-to-one online video meetings allow exhibitors to connect with buyers during and after the show.

  Schedule management
Conveniently manage meeting invitations on the all-in-one platform with notifications and reminders. 
24/7 access to your company profile
The multi-device platform allows buyers to find your company profile at any time of the day.
  Dedicated service team for assistance
Our experienced service team will assist you throughout the whole process.

Key dates    
April 18   The designated contact person of your company will receive a login email. Go to the homepage of the system and click Business Matching → Activate matching services to check the status and set up the account

April 24   The appointment-making services start for scheduling onsite and online meetings

May 22 – 25   Onsite and online meeting period during the show

May 26 – June 16   You can make appointments for online meetings after the show
Match2Meet user manual for exhibitors
1. Log into the system
The designated contact person of your company will receive an email with the login information with subject line【PLSG Live 2023】. You can also contact our sales representative or our customer service officer to get the login information.

Log into the system and activate Match2Meet now.
2. Activate Match2Meet
Homepage/menu at the top left corner → Business MatchingActivate matching services


a. Choose a service and click Tap to activate.

b. Read the terms and conditions of the services. Agree and click Next.

c. Provide your matching information. Click Submit.

d. After activating a service, please go back to the Activate matching services page to activate other services.

e. You can update your matching information by clicking Edit. Click Save to keep your changes.

f. Please go to My availability to set your timeslots taking appointments and view the Recommended visitors.
3. Set up your meeting availability
Homepage/menu at the top left corner → Business MatchingMy availability

Visitors will send meeting invitations according to your availability.

The times displayed in the system are GMT/UTC +08:00.

a. All timeslots are set as available by default. Please uncheck any timeslots that you are unavailable for and click Save.

b. You can then view the Recommended visitors.
4. View recommended visitors
Homepage/menu at the top left corner → Business MatchingRecommended visitors

The system will provide a list of matched visitors and buyers according to your product categories and other matching information.

You can click Account Business matching requirements to edit your matching information.

On the Recommended visitors, your can:
i. Click the filter icon to refine the result.
ii. View the product interests of the visitors.
iii. Click the star icon to bookmark visitors.
iv. Click the company name for more details and sending meeting invitations.
5. Send meeting invitations to visitors and buyers
Homepage/menu at the top left corner → Business MatchingRecommended visitors → Click the visitor's company name to go to their profile page → Click Make Appointment

a. View the product interests, business natures and job titles of the visitors on their profile page and click Make Appointment.

b. Choose meeting type: Onsite or online.

c. Select a timeslot and click Send.
Onsite meeting period May 22 – 25, 2023 (during the show)
Online meeting period

May 22 – June 16, 2023 (during and after the show)
d. Go to My appointments to check responses and appointment details.
6. Manage your meeting appointments
Homepage/Menu at the top left conrner → Business Matching My appointments

Use Appointment received and Appointment sent to view the appointments sent and/or received:
Check visitor information, including their product interests, business natures and job titles.
View the appointment status, meeting type, schedule and venue.

a. My appointments:
Appointment received from a visitor
Appointment sent to a visitor

b. View the status of appointments:
Status   Appointment received
  Appointment sent

Confirmed   You have confirmed the appointment. Visitors will proceed to the specified meeting venue at the scheduled time.

  The visitors have confirmed the appointments. Visitors will proceed to the specified meeting venue at the scheduled time.

Waiting for response
  You have received an invitation from a visitor. Awaiting your response. Click the appointment for details and send your response.

  Your invitation has been sent to the visitor. Awaiting for the visitor to respond.

Invitation to be sent
  (No applicable)

  Your invitation has not been sent. Go to the appointment to select a timeslot and click Send.

Unavailable at the timeslot
  You have received an invitation but replied with unavailable. You will receive a system notice if the visitor changes the timeslot.

  Your invitation has been sent to the visitor. They replied with unavailable. Reschedule by clicking into the appointment to change the meeting details.

Cancelled   Invitation has been cancelled.   Invitation has been cancelled.

c. Select Response to Confirm or state you are Not available at this timeslot. Click Send to confirm any changes.

Onsite meetings After confirmation, the meeting will be held at a specified Meeting venue shown in the appointment details.

Online meetings After confirmation, both parties will receive an email with the link and password to the virtual meeting room. Click the link at the scheduled time to start the meeting.
7. Bookmark visitors and view bookmarks
You can click the star icon to bookmark visitors on the Recommended visitors list.

To view your bookmarked visitors:
Click Bookmark at the top right corner → My visitors

Tap Bookmark in the menu at the bottom of the screen → My visitors
8. Bind your WeChat account
Binding the system to your WeChat account will optimise your business matching experience with fair updates, information and appointment reminders.

Click the login name at the top right corner → Account My basic information Bind WeChat under WeChat → Scan the QR code on your WeChat

(Support on computers only)
Our customer service officer, Ms Kelly Zhu, is available for any enquiry regarding Match2Meet. Service hours are from 09:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 18:00 on Monday to Friday (GMT/UTC +08:00).

WeChat: mf-visitor
Telephone: +86 400 613 8585 ext. 0