An unparalleled fair for eco-friendly yarn and fibre exhibitors

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Yarn Expo
29 – 31 August 2022
National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), China
Issue #4
An unparalleled fair for
eco-friendly yarn and fibre exhibitors

Nearly 70% of buyers at the last autumn edition were interested in sustainable and regenerated yarns and fibres. Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your products at Yarn Expo Autumn 2022!
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Sustainability is gaining momentum in China
Testimonials from 2021 Autumn Edition
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Sustainability is gaining momentum in China
Sustainability is gaining momentum in China

Chinese consumers’ increasing demand for sustainability has become the driving force for domestic fashion brands and manufacturers. According to the China Sustainable Fashion Consumer Behaviour Map 2021 by Rise Lab, 89% of the respondents intended to buy sustainable products.

In addition to customer behaviour, government policies are positively encouraging the sustainable, regenerated and recycled yarn and fibre markets in China. It is noteworthy that the China National Textile and Apparel Council is supporting innovation between local renowned companies and key manufacturers, by promoting technological advancements in the textile industry as well as improving biodegradable green fibres.

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Testimonials from 2021 Autumn Edition
Testimonials from 2021 Autumn Edition

“At present, there is still a gap between domestic cotton and US cotton, as high-end companies have high requirements for dyeing and bleaching – areas that domestic cotton cannot fully achieve. China’s latest Five-Year Plan also boosted the demand for high quality and sustainable products, which helps us promote our US cotton. There are high levels of inquiries about organic imports as well as the product origin and sustainable aspects.”
Ms Shaoping Li, Senior Manager, China Supply Chain, Marketing – Yarns and Home Textiles, Cotton Council International

“Green materials related to sustainability, reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption will see a big leap in the next six to 12 months. In the past, it was mostly overseas brands and suppliers who would visit our booth, but this year more domestic companies have come to learn about us and our development direction, which is evidence of the increasing awareness for green materials.”
Mr Forest Chu, Deputy General Manager of Brand Operation, Jiangsu Shenghong Science and Technology Co Ltd
Concurrent events
Concurrent events
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